Premiering at Dances With Films Festival on Saturday, June 24!

"DeadHead is a fun and intense short with something to say. " 

- Bobby LePire


Wendy is a middle-aged woman who is constantly dismissed and made to feel invisible by the men in her life. One day while working in her garden, she pricks her finger on a thorny cocoon, and is infected with something... inhuman. After she is suddenly let go and replaced with a younger woman by her boss at a job she's enjoyed for decades, her rage, (along with alien DNA), transforms her into a powerful creature, hellbent on revenge.



"In my films, I aim to break the cycle of exploiting women in horror and create inclusive stories that resonate with a wide audience. As a female filmmaker, I won't shy away from gore and violence. It's my priority to take audiences on thrilling journeys, immersing them in intense experiences. Female characters in my films will always fight back, challenging traditional roles. As a genre film enthusiast, I promise to deliver the bloody goods to all horror lovers."